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Strengthen My  Franchise System

Positive relationships between the franchisor and franchisees are the product of a strong franchise system. When the relationships between the two parties become strained, the franchise system will suffer. Most franchise systems go through growing pains.

Do any of these sound familiar to your franchise system?

  • Franchisees are going rogue and doing their own thing.
  • Site Buildouts are taking forever and delays are becoming costly for franchisees.
  • Reporting is inconsistent from unit to unit and you don’t have a firm grasp on franchisees’ financial or operational health.
  • Your operations personnel fight fires and don’t have the tools needed to effectively coach and train franchisees.
  • Franchise sales come-and-go and it’s hard to find a sales team that you can trust.

Positive validation means everything in franchise sales. Our philosophy at Franchise Innovation Group is, “Confident franchisees are competent franchisees. And, confidence only comes from best-in-class training and support programs.” Bottom line, we make your franchisees more successful which directly enhances your revenue stream and your ability to sell franchises.

Let us help you get your franchise system back on track.

  • FDD Fine Tuning
  • Franchisee Quick Start & Opening
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
  • Franchisee Training Program Boost
  • Franchisee Relationship Management
  • Franchise Sales and Strategy
  • Operation Manuals and Updates
  • On-The-Job Training Curriculum
  • And more, customized to your needs

Let us help you re-align your franchise system and give you the tools needed to build your empire.

Let’s Strengthen Your Franchise System

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