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Because we are experienced with the operations of Fortune 500 companies as well as the franchise development of well-known brands, the Franchise Innovation Group can provide the expertise you need to realize your dreams and build an empire.


The Franchise Innovation Group will provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to be successful whether you are building or buying a franchise.


To develop and grow unique, innovative and complete franchise systems that become enduring brands in the global economy.


Our vested interest in your success allows us to build franchise systems that work.



Stay At Home Compassionate and Dependable Care
The Casual Pint The Casual Pint, Where Beer Lovers Meet.
Buttermilk Sky Pie Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop franchise


John Batcheller spent his early years in process management and re-engineering divisions for large corporations. He was quite successful, so much so that early retirement was a feasible option. Soul searching lead him to his next venture of building a senior care franchise system with his wife, Lisa. After many years of hard work and perseverance it all paid off. In 2013, Stay At Home received the honorable award of Franchise Business Review Top 50.

John’s vast knowledge base stretches from building processes, legal issues and selling franchises. It was only natural that after making connections in the franchise industry that John would become the go-to guy for everything franchising. Local business owners frequently turned to John about advice on how to convert their small business into a franchise system.

That’s when the light bulb went off. Franchise Innovation Group (formerly 1st Choice Franchise Concepts) was born out of the increasing demand of business owners who were interested in learning how to grow and cultivate their business through franchising. It is the desire of John and Lisa to help you build your empire through franchising and realize your dreams.

Our Team

John Batcheller

CEO & President

"I help you achieve your dream of building an empire."

Lisa Batcheller

VP of Marketing

"Branding is the essence of every concept and it ultimately creates the sustainabilty of an organization. We build brands that are eye-catching, interest-building, and desirable."

Scott Weil

VP of Franchise Development

I am the direct connection for multi-unit investors and private equity firms.  Let me know how I can help you.

Jack Shear

Franchise Development Manager

Doug Hathaway

Financial Projections & Consultant

Ricky Dean

Franchise Development & Marketing

If you are interested in buying a franchise, then I'm your guy.  Let me know how I can help you build your portfolio.

Ben Patterson

Business Consultant

"Everything from Point of Sales systems, kitchen equipment to small wares and music services, I am your supply chain guru. I work one-on-one with suppliers to develop the best possible equipment and service packages for franchisees."

John Batcheller, Jr.

Associate Consultant

John constantly enlightens the group with the latest technology to improve business processes for our clients.  Having the keen knowledge of business from his Father, John mixes his engineering background with his business know-how to positively impact our group.

Sarah MacNaughton

Marketing Coordinator

How We Work

Phase 1

We assess your business and the industry to provide you the best possible franchise scenario. As we move forward in building your franchise system, this analysis helps us to complete the necessary legal and financial documents.
  • Current State of Your Business
  • State of Your Industry, Sector & Category
  • Marketplace Positioning & Branding
  • Franchise System Benchmarks
  • What Your Franchise Offering Looks Like
  • Franchise Recommendations

Phase 2

This is where we build your complete franchise system that includes all the necessary legal documentation for franchise sales and franchisee training materials.

  • Operations Manuals (7 volumes)
  • Franchise Disclosure Document reviewed by an attorney
  • Equipment and Technology Sourcing
  • Key Processes Blueprint
  • Fundamentals Classroom Training Program for Franchisees
  • Hands-On Training for Franchisees
  • On-Site Training
  • On-Track and On-Site Assessments for Franchise Management

Phase 3

We begin to recruit and sell your franchise offering using our propietary sales system.

  • Franchise Sales Website
  • Franchise System Marketing Material
  • Discovery Day Program
  • Candidate Assessment & Selection
  • Lead Generation for Franchise Sales
  • Franchise Sales Process
  • Franchise Sales Video
  • Franchise Sales Team


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