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with a franchise guide by your side, your system will grow and thrive!

Franchise consulting services for entrepreneurs and franchisors
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Our goal is your success!

In franchising, it is what you don’t know that can hurt your business.  Our advice to everyone is don’t go it alone.  Having a trusted, experienced franchise consultant you can lean on every step of the way is the difference between stagnant growth and sustainable growth.

Imagine what it would be like to have a franchise system that is growing and your franchisees are thriving.

Gain clarity and confidence needed to succeed in franchising

Maintain brand consistency across all locations

Become more process-focused and process-driven allowing your franchisees to thrive

 Provide consistent awesome customer experience at all locations

 Realize your goals, create your growth strategy, and become the dominant leader in your marketplace


Guiding You Through Franchising

Build a Franchise

You decided franchising is the best pathway to grow.  We help you convert your successful small business into a full-service franchise system that includes franchisee training and support programs for sustainable growth.

Build a Stronger Franchise

You built a franchise system but sales are stagnant and you realize vital pieces of your franchise program are missing.  Let us help you strengthen your existing franchise so you can thrive!

Grow Your Franchise

You developed your franchise system but you need help with sales.  We’d be happy to step in.  From developing a system you manage to outsource sales,  we help you grow your franchise so you can become the dominant leader in your marketplace.

You Can Build a Franchise System that Thrives!

1. Schedule a Call

Let’s talk about your vision and goals.

2. Book a Discovery

Providing you a customized roadmap to reach your franchise goals. 

3. Grow your brand

Putting it altogether so you can grow your brand regionally, nationally or even internationally.

What Our Clients are Saying

Our Work Speaks Volumes

Our Story

John Batcheller spent his early years in process management and re-engineering divisions for large corporations. He was quite successful, so much so that early retirement was a feasible option. Soul searching lead him to his next venture of building a senior care franchise system with his wife, Lisa. After many years of hard work and perseverance it all paid off. In 2013, Stay At Home received the honorable award of Franchise Business Review Top 50.

John’s vast knowledge base stretches from building processes, legal issues and selling franchises. It was only natural that after making connections in the franchise industry that John would become the go-to guy for everything franchising. Local business owners frequently turned to John about advice on how to convert their small business into a franchise system.

That’s when the light bulb went off. Franchise Innovation Group (formerly 1st Choice Franchise Concepts) was born out of the increasing demand of business owners who were interested in learning how to grow and cultivate their business through franchising. It is the desire of John and Lisa to help you build your empire through franchising and realize your dreams.

John Batcheller

Lisa Batcheller

About Us


Translating our 20-years experience in business transformation to franchising, we build process-oriented, results-driven organizations so that franchisors can  scale and grow. 


We built and currently run our own franchise; we know what is needed for you to succeed.  


The Franchise Innovation Group offers collectively over 30 plus years of experience in the franchise industry and our  knowledge and experience is transferable to you.  


Our mission is to develop and grow unique, innovative franchise systems that become enduring brands in the global economy.