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A Franchise Innovation Group Case Study

Franchise Consulting and easyvetclinic

Oct 24, 2019

Tim Schoenfelder and his leadership team at easyvet® franchise came to us because they were struggling to get stores open quickly, while at the same time supporting existing stores, and working the sales pipeline.  They had three franchise stores open and two franchisees in the buildout stage.  They knew they needed help and advice on how to juggle all the moving parts but they didn’t know exactly what was needed. 

Our team dug-in to find the gaps between their current state and where they wanted to be. Today, the easyvet team has incorporated into their franchise system a…

  • Revised Franchise Program and FDD where costs, fees and training are clearly outlined and defined
  • QuickStart package where all aspects of opening an easyvetclinic® are addressed including Licensing Your Business; Site Selection; Site Buildout and Process Checklist; Setting Up Your Office; and Fast Track Marketing
  • Development of a formal sales process and Franchise Sales manual that covers regulatory requirements, prospecting, Discovery Day material, and closing of a sale. Soup to nuts — everything you need to know about selling a franchise

Bottomline, easyvetclinic® now has a structured, well-defined franchise program that conveys a professional image and provides franchisees a clear path to understanding, operating and growing their clinics.  As important, the franchise system has grown, adding several new owners to their franchise family.    

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