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How to Franchise Your Business: Become Process Focused

Apr 6, 2017

Every business has processes and ways in which they provide services. But are those processes consistent with all your employees? Whether or not you decide to franchise your brand, your business would benefit greatly by becoming more process focused.

As the founder and day-to-day manager of your business, you might sometimes work ‘on the fly’. Let’s say, for example, you own a sandwich shop. You recently hired an employee who has never worked in the food service industry. You’ll have to train your new hire to utilize your systematic approach to building sandwiches. How to set-up the line prep area? How to avoid cross contamination between meat and produce? How to build a sandwich using your unique approach?

These processes must be consistent with all employees and the best way to do that is by systematizing your business processes. From opening your kitchen, customer service, and mixing your proprietary sauces to closing your kitchen, every process must be systematized and implemented to ensure consistency. So whether customers visit you for lunch on Tuesday or dinner on Monday, their brand experience is consistent.

Becoming a processed centered business is the first step to franchising your business.

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