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Mazimizing Franchisee’s Personal Strengths

Jul 19, 2018

Most people focus on overcoming their weaknesses.  But shouldn’t we focus on maximizing our personal strengths?  An introvert will probably never become a successful salesperson.  Conversely, an extrovert probably wouldn’t enjoy a desk job surrounded by four walls.  So why not give the introvert the desk job and the extrovert the sales position?

Many companies pour dollars into lifting-up losing products when they should be focusing on the winning products.  Successful companies focus on maximizing their strengths and the same is true for franchise systems.  When franchisors come to us with concerns about poor performing franchisees,  we advice them to, “Find what they do best and hire out the rest.”

  • Not everyone is proficient in bookkeeping so don’t let your franchisee waste time on becoming a QuickBooks expert.  Advice: Hire a bookkeeper, so the franchisee can spend the time saved marketing their business in the field.
  • Most franchise owners are busy with daily operations and do not have the time nor the know-how to update engaging social media.  Advice: Hire a social media expert or offer the position to an employee.
  • When the revenues go down, the franchisee holds back advertising dollars.  Advice: Advertising spend should be consistent and localized.  Digital advertising should be left to the experts and not the franchisee (unless the franchisee held a digital marketing position, previously.)  Hire a local digital agency to perform this function.

As a franchisor, your role is to be the coach and supporter of your franchisees.  By identifying franchisee personal strengths and weaknesses prior to even opening a franchise, allows you the opportunity to tailor training to maximize franchisee’s success.  It’s a win-win for both parties.

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